‘Relax Parents’

Year 6 had a lovely afternoon being joined by some of their parents/grandparents for a ‘Relax Kids’ session. The children shared their knowledge of the different parts of the brain and all of their ‘tools’ to help relax them, including: becoming flexible thinkers; diaphragmatic breathing; and sharing positive affirmations.

They all loved getting the parents involved and making their ‘Growing Minds’ box so they can continue implementing their skills at home with their family.


Year 6’s Learning Has Really Taken Off!

As part of their theme of ‘Who’s The Boss?’, Year 6 have been looking at powerful leaders, including British Prime Ministers, and significant events during their power. Listening to Neville Chamberlain’s speech announcing the start of the Second World War and Winston Churchill’s speech declaring that the war was to be taken to the skies, our learning  has focused on The Battle of Britain. They were all astonished to learnt the vital part that Gloucestershire (Gloster) played during this Battle.

We furthered our learning by visiting the Jet Age Museum where we took part in a range of activities including: navigation work, learning about Frank Whittle and his jet engine, sitting in WW2 bombers and designing our own paper aeroplanes.

It was such a fantastic trip and has triggered so many discussions in class.

Children in Need fun and games

We have been raising money for Children in Need again this year. Year 6 enjoyed helping reception children with buying cakes and playing games, made by the Year 4s.

Dressed in spotty outfits, Year 6 have added coins to the penny line, tried to win prizes by shooting cans with nerf guns, entered a raffle and even had their nails painted!


In science, year 6 are finding out about light and how we see things.Today, we learned that Isaac Newton observed that although light looks white, it is actually made up of all the colours of the rainbow. When these colours merge together, it looks white to our eyes yet we can use a prism to separate the different colours of the spectrum.

We made a colour wheel spinner to illustrate this fact and were shocked to find it worked!